Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pig Festival

On Saturday, Josh & Chiu-yi invited us to Danshui to a festival of some kind, (Chiu-yi doesn't really know how to explain it in english) it had something to do with killing pigs because there were dead pigs everywhere on display as offerings to the gods. We called it the pig festival. Chiu-yi's family was chosen to organize it this year for 9 villages.

There were also some pretty cool performances. This Lion Dance was our favorite.

This one wins the 'stupidest' award.

I threw this one on just so you can tell how much skill it takes to play chinese instruments. And I don't think your speakers can play this as loud as it actually was in person.

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Karla said...

You guys are getting quite the cultural experience over there! How did your boys like it?