Monday, April 6, 2009

Hong Kong

Okay, so I've kinda been ignoring my blog ever since I discovered facebook, but now that facebook has changed and I don't like it as much, I decided to start blogging again. Yay!
So in March I took a trip to Hong Kong with some friends from church to attend the 2nd annual Asia Women's Conference. We had some extra time to go sight-seeing, and shopping of course. I don't think we slept for 4 days straight.

This is the view of the light show from across the harbor

This is the view from Sister perkin's house where we stayed the first 3 nights

We went to see the 'Big Buddah'

High-5ing the Buddah (what-up dogg?)

This is the whole group that came from Taiwan

This is the church building in Hong Kong

I met up with my friend Hannah, she is married to one of Nate's old mission companions and they live in China.

Julie, Carrie, and I visited the Hong Kong temple. You can't see it very well in the background, but it is there!

That's Bruce Lee, for those of you non-kung-fu fans

Those were the best Galattos ever!

Kay and Lydia and I decided to stay an extra night to do more sight-seeing. Check out our luxurious hotel room! It's so big I could almost walk between the beds without turning sideways (almost!)

And the sink made it hard to brush your teeth because your head barely fit into that space. But even thought it was small, the beds were comfy and it was clean and we didn't see a single cockroach, so it gets at least 3 stars from me!


Karla said...

How fun! The light show looks like it would be amazing to see. The sink was mighty tiny! Where did the third person sleep?
Are you counting down the days yet? I should send you some pictures of the new school Even will be going to.

Leanne said...

HI, I'm Janet's sister. I read your blog from the link on her site, and it is SO interesting. I am happy you quit Facebook. Just wondering if the conference you went to was like the BYU Women's Conference?