Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's Taiwan!

There are so many things about Taiwan that make me laugh, and this is one of them. Whenever they are working on the road, they put one of these big dummies with flags on his arms, and some of them are motorized so that the flags wave up and down.

Today I saw this guy walking along holding his coat over his head like a criminal. This is to protect him from the sun, even though it's overcast. They also wear these nifty arm covers that all the scooter-riders use. It makes me laugh.

Not only do I wonder what this guy is carrying on his scooter, but I'm also wondering how he can see where he is going. It's amazing the things you can transport on a scooter. I've seen huge plants, big dogs, furniture, you name it. The scariest is when you see someone with a baby tied onto their back with a bedsheet. Today I saw a lady driving a scooter with one hand, holding a tiny baby in the other arm.

Can I get some of those 'lubrifiants' you're advertising?

The signs here are awesome!

Only in Taiwan can you get a free package of red envelopes with your Huggies purchase!

This is a doll specifically designed to give little children nightmares. how creepy is that?!?


That's our parking spot here in our apartment building. No, not the empty spot on the right. Ours is the empty spot on the left, and that is a Mercedes SUV parked directly behind our parking spot. It's a really good thing that we don't have a car here, because there is just NO WAY!

This is the my favorite thing about our apartment building! I can go out on the balcony every morning and laugh at the people exercising at the park across the street. I don't know why, but they think it's really good exercise to swing the arms. Some other great fitness techniques include punching your body with your fist, and banging your back on a tree. Check out the guy twisting on the left. I'm not sure exactly which muscle group he's working, but maybe in about a month he'll burn off the calories from that cho-dofu he ate last night!


it's just lisa said...

Haaa! Leone you are SO FUNNY! I really enjoy your perspective on life:)

The Hedquists said...

I love this. I want to copy and paste it into my blog! I'm waiting for an update on the toilet restaurant!

Karla said...

The exercise area looks more like a really fun playgroud for children. So what kind of food is it that you mentioned he might be trying to burn the calories off from? Wow, they eat some crazy things!

Lorraine said...

This post made me laugh so hard. How fun! I love the Toilet restaurant.