Monday, April 6, 2009

Ann's visit

Ann came to see me in March. We packed a lot of sight-seeing into a week...

Nate made her eat plenty of disgusting things. That's duck brain she's digging out of the scull

That is a whole fish, stuffed with eggs and fried up in batter. Ashton loves them.

Ann....not so much.

I have to give her credit for getting one bite down because I've never even tried it. On the other hand, I can appreciate a good chicken foot! As you can tell, this challenge almost broke her.

But she did it! Some other tasty morsels of the evening...

That's a duck tongue, quail egg, chicken foot, and chicken butt. That's right, she ate chicken butt! Who was it that said you are what you eat? Love ya, Ann!


Karla said...

You captured some great photos which really show some good expressions!

Becky Rasmussen said...

Wow! I can't get enough of your adventures. I'm jealous of Anne. I would love to visit!

Lorraine said...

How AWESOME that Ann got to come visit you. I haven't seen her forever. The pictures of her grossing out of the food are great!!!