Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, April Fool!

April Fool's Day is a great day to be born! Last year a bunch of friends snuck into my house and kidnapped me and took me to Denny's in the middle of the night. A few years ago I had the INSIDE of my house toilet papered, and this year in honor of my birthday being on April Fools Day, some very brave friends went to the 'Modern Toilet Restaurant' with me. We had a stinkin' good time! (haha, get it?!?)

As you can see, the chairs are toilet seats and the table is a glass-covered sink. The light-up urinal on the wall provides a touch of mood-lighting to the ambiance of the place.

What?!? Souvenir urinal bottles? Heck ya, we'll take those!

Mmmmm....that's the best drink I've ever had out of a bedpan!

Carrie ordered lemonade (she really didn't think that through, did she?) and here in Taiwan they always add this sour dried plum to your lemonade, which added just a little bit too much reality to the situation.

And then our food came. Curry sounds good until you see it in a toilet bowl, doesn't it?

Mmmm, this toilet smells great!

We never did figure out what some of the things in our toilets were...

And last but not least, our desserts came in a squatter dish. (Some of you lucky people may not know what a squatter is, but if you think about it long enough, you'll figure it out) We chose the chocolate poo poo platter over the strawberry bloody stool dessert. What, I didn't name them!

Just curious...

Souvenir poop, anyone?


Japanski said...

That is so freakin' hilarious!!!! I wish I could have been there!!! I'm glad you had a fun birthday!! And, furthermore....I'm glad you were born!!!!

Nicole said...

Hilarious... disgusting... and even more hilarious. I love your commentary on it--it makes it that much better! So glad you guys had such a great time!

JLR said...

I'm so glad your birthday is on April Fool's Day, a great excuse to check out that crazy place. I had a blast!

Stephanie B said...

That is so very awesome! I would have loved to have gone there - the lemonade was my favorite. And that dessert. Happy Birthday to you!

it's just lisa said...

If you didn't have the pictures I would NOT have believed it.


Happy Birthday!

Kristen said...

That is really disturbing but I am glad that you had a happy birthday... lots better than the year Anne stole your engagement ring and pretended that you lost it huh?

Amy said...

Janet's sister here. Just have to say that you have the most interesting life of anyone I know.
Thanks for keeping me entertained. This beats the pants off the restaurant my friend went to in Mexico!