Friday, August 29, 2008

My two front teeth...

Evan finally lost his other front tooth...He pulled this one out during recess at school. The tooth fairy found him sleeping in the box we make him sleep in...actually, it is a box we kept after the move here. He HAS a bed, he just likes to sleep in the box. We don't make him....really!

Ashton being Ashton

We went to a place called Tom Dragon, an inside (out of the heat) playground for kids, and at first Ashton was freaked out by the ball pit, but as you can see from the video, he warmed up to it in no time. The tilty bridge, however, was another story.

This is Ashton laying on top of the glass-covered cofee table in our apartment

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Evan's first day of school

This is Evan's bus to school. If you look closely, Evan is smiling out from the top window.

Evan and Ms. Hobbs, his first grade teacher

The first day of school was an orientation with the kids and the parents. Ms. Hobbs showed us around the school and, no, I wasn't the only one taking picures!

The kids got to practice going through the lunch line and carrying their trays in the lunchroom

Monday, August 18, 2008


This is a squatter. Most public places like malls and department stores have regular toilets, but a lot of places just have this. This one is in one of the night markets...and it is bring your own t.p.

And this is the alleyway you go down to get to the squatter. It might look dark and dangerous by American standards, and it is definitely gross by any standards, but it is just another alleyway in Taiwan.

The Taipei Temple

This is the Taipei temple. As you can see, it is very small. We go to church in a building right next to it, just to the right of where we are standing. There is one english speaking ward on the island, and it is really really small. We don't even fill half of the chapel on Sunday, but the members are all really great. We love it!

home sweet home...for now

This is the living room in our temporary apartment in Taipei. As you can see, it is quite empty since we haven't gotten our shipment of household stuff yet. But it has a nice view.

This is looking back the other way, into the entry and the dining room. The door on the right leads into the kitchen.

The kitchen

The master bedroom

Evan and Ashton's room

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tonghua night market

This is just one of the many night markets in Taiwan. This one is known for selling clothing. It is really close to our apartment here in Taipei, so we go there often.

I think all night markets are known for food, especially the famous 'stinky tofu' which yes, is really stinky. I kept thinking, "Why did Nate take his shoes off?" then realized the stench was coming from our food. Despite what the 'bizarre foods' guy says, it really does taste as bad as it smells.
Here is some more night market food. From this stand we ate the chicken hearts and chicken butt. Not bad, if you don't think about it while you chew.

This is a 'bing' stand. I think it is the chinese version of a slushee, you choose 3 or 4 items, and they put your selections in crushed ice. The selection varies from bean to fruit and our favorite are the little chewy jelly-like balls that squish nicely in your mouth. And yes, I'm sure they aren't fish eyes.

This is a video of Evan and Leone fishing for shrimp at the night market. Nate was trying to take a picture, but he had the camera on video, and he couldn't figure out why it wasn't taking a picture; he had no idea he was filming. You can hear the annoyance in his voice as he tried to figure out the camera. Anyways, we caught some shrimp and they barbequed them up right there, poor little shrimp.

Nothing 'shrimpy' about this shrimp!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Exciting news-Evan lost a tooth

Evan pulled his OWN tooth yesterday, just to say he did it himself. It took several hours of wiggling and pulling, but he finally got it! He says the only thing is, now it is hard for him to say the word "three"

Chiang Kai-Shek

See, even in the big city of Taipei there is beauty all around.

Ashton's Birthday!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Taipei 101-the tallest building in the world!

You can see our apartment building!

Washing machine blues

With all of Nate's chinese background, he remains unable to translate the buttons on our washing machine. Apparently one of those buttons says 'eternal wash cycle' because the thing washed and rinsed for a day and a half before we finally shut it off. We had to wring them out by hand to put them in the dryer.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Taiwan sunset

Now THAT'S a Taiwan sunset!!
This is the view from our apartment. It's prettier at night when you can't see how run down the buildings are

The Far Eastern Towers

This is a big open square near our house. The tall towers in the background is a hotel called the Far Eastern. You can see it in the picture from the top of Taipei 101. The little building way behind where Nate is standing is where the morning market is. That's the place to buy fresh fruit and vegetables but not so much the place for fresh meat, if you know what I mean.....