Sunday, June 14, 2009

Snake Alley

One of the night markets here is called 'snake alley' because of the restaurants that serve snake. Some of them have snakes sitting out to pet like this one, and one shop even have a cobra sitting out (see the picture below) They drug it, so it just sits there with it's neck flat, staring at everyone walking by. Just as I went to take a picture, the guy pushed it's head down with a stick and put it away. (They don't like you to take pictures) We don't go there often, and we've never eaten the snake. The main reason I have gone is because it's the best place to get cheap chinese clothing for kids.

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Karla said...

Why don't they like pictures? Would they get in trouble for drugging the snake? The snakes in the jars don't look very appetizing. Are they pickled?