Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our miss list

Soon we will be back in America, and then our blog entries will be so uneventful... What am I going to write about when I don't see funny chinglish signs or grown men wearing teddy bear print pajama bottoms at the grocery store? What am I going to laugh at? My life will be so boring! We made a list of all the things we will miss about Taiwan: friends, chinese food, night markets, MANGOS!!!, watermelon juice, tall buildings, scooters (not me!), school, C.C. Lemon (it's like sprite, only grosser), our apartment, those short fat bananas, dumb chinese signs, CHINESE FOOTRUBS!!!, taxis, chinese girls (very funny, Nate!), the beach, our security guards, dumplings, crazy people at the church (speak for yourself, Nate!), stupid chinese commercials, tall buildings, overly exciting taxi rides (that means bad drivers), Taipei 101, the grand hotel...and the kids said they would miss the cockroaches when they chase mom.

Personally, I'm really going to miss those dummies they put in front of all the road construction sites, especially when they accessorize!

Mmmm, and we'll really miss that yummy-looking bread that reminds me of moldy eggs!

I'm going to miss seeing what kinds of things you can carry on a just don't see bikes put to such good use back home. You know, we moved a mattress once and we borrowed a truck, silly us! All we really needed was a bike and a dolly!

We'll miss seeing whole families on scooters. We saw 6 on a scooter once...there was one more kid squished between mom & dad, and then mom had a baby strapped to her back with a bedsheet. It makes me cringe every time!

I'll miss seeing the sweet old lady who pedals the recycling away every Thursday, not to mention the garbage smell that lingers every day...okay I won't miss that!

None of us will miss this!

I will really miss the educational signs about poo in the bathrooms at the zoo!

And this sign always makes me smile when I take the metro

This is one of my's sideways and kinda fuzzy, but it says 'no hubbub' and there's a picture crossed out of a guy who's apparently 'hubbubing' (?????) It's become our new favorite saying at home.


it's just lisa said...

So So funny!

Your blog is exciting, is as if you were living on a different planet.

Stephanie B said...

Those are all so awesome! I'm glad you documented it!

Jan said...

Ryan told me about some of those things! It's fun to see pictures of them. There are always good and bad things about where you live and it's even funnier the things you miss when you leave. You will always charish those times!

Nicole said...

Oh, man that is hilarious. I've never seen the "hubbub" sign--it made me laugh out loud. Too, too funny.

It was so much fun to see you again last night before you leave. We will really, really miss you.

Kristen said...

I know you are going to miss it but I am sure you will find things to blog about when you come back. Your kids are darling and you are always so full of fun and do fun things. You can blog about the fun things you are doing with your friend Kristen...

Karla said...

So what is the man doing in the picture of the "hubbub", coughing?

It is amazing how many people they put on those scooters. It makes me so nervous just to see one parent carrying one child on a motorcycle here. Do you hear about many accidents?

JLR said...

I'm so sad you guys left today! I can't believe we'll be gone in 2 weeks too. Please come visit us in Ottawa =).

Japanski said...

Well, I think you're pretty exciting no matter where you live!! You are always occupied with such interesting things! It will be so very thrilling to have you home again!!!

Kay said...

couple of comments. First, Michael Jackson didn't die, he came to Taiwan to work as a construction flagger.

Second, I will be sure to get a new Hubbub picture for you. I think James hit the camera when i took that one...sorry.