Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Martyrs Shrine

Hey look, we ran into Lex at his part-time job as a securty guard for the Republic of China.

Omigosh, there's Lex again. He was on duty, so he couldn't really talk...

Actually, this is the changing of the guards at the Martyrs Shrine. It's a tribute to Taiwan military men killed in action. They have 2 guards at the entryway and 2 more at the shrine. They can't move a muscle for an hour, then they march around and twirl their guns and change guards. We decided they walk like this to get the feeling back into their legs after standing for so long.


jg said...
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jg said...

So that's where he is all day, show me the money! (Very funny.)

Frost and Snow in Taiwan said...

I finally had time to look at your blog. It is really cool. You need to give me some tips! Great photos and commentary.