Saturday, October 18, 2008

family update

We moved into our new apartment in September, and we really like our new place. it's a smaller building with only 8 floors, and all of the families work for the state department in some capacity. There are lots of other kids around Evan's age, so he has lots of friends to play with. We live in Tianmu now, which is right at the bottom of Yang Ming Shan, the huge mountain that Nate rides his bike up every morning to get to work. He's really enjoying his job, as well as the biking. Just to give you an idea of how steep the hill is, it takes him an hour and a half to get up and 15 minutes to get down. My friend says her car has to stop and rest halfway up. He gets to see all kinds of Taiwan wildlife of the way; snakes that have been squished by cars, spiders the size of his head, and sometimes the monkeys throw tree branches at him. All in a day's work for Nate. Did I mention before that we ran into his old mission companion here on the first day of church? His name is Josh Lee, and he is married to a chinese girl names chiu-yi (who is my only counsellor in young womens), and they live in Danshuei.

Also, Nate had the opportunity to translate for our stake conference this weekend. He did this with a few other chinese speakers in our ward. This was an interesting meeting. The chinese people talk about things that people don't normally bring up to other people, ever. One lady started by saying she had a story about a toilet. So she went on about how the toilet was really clogged, which was odd to hear in church, but then she went on about how she was sitting there on the toilet, and how she was really sick, and she had to brush her teeth on the floor, and all the english people were laughing so hard, but then Nate said afterwards, that the person translating was very tactful to leave out the details of her bowel movements that she was sharing with everyone. And none of the chinese people even cracked a smile! For some reason, I didn't really get a spiritual message out of her talk.

The kids seem to be adjusting well. Evan loves school; he has a mandarin class, so he is learning a little bit of chinese. He can count really well (he sometimes has to help me remember the numbers when we are shopping, and the shopkeepers are telling us the prices) and he can write a few characters. He spends lots of time with his friends that live in our building. He also loves going to night markets and playing the kid's games, especially the game where he shoots balloons with a b.b. gun. because when he misses, the game guy reaches over and pops the balloon for him, so he wins a prize every time. Who wouldn't love a game like that?

Ashton is in full '2 year old' mode. His most recent hobbies include seeing how long he can hold a bite of food in his mouth (he once held a piece of sacrament bread in his mouth until after the closing prayer. I think that's the record-except the chocolate chip cookies we had for dessert tonight. He finally swallowed that one when I went to brush his teeth before bed), pulling the chairs around and using them to climb on everything, copying everything Evan does, copying everything I say, and sneaking out of bed at night.

I am enjoying my calling as young womens president. It is a very different calling here than in the states, that's for sure. I'm going to start a 'survival chinese' class next week, which I am very excited for. Nate says my chinese cooking is improving. I volunteered to be the room mom for Evan's first grade class, and Ashton keeps me busy during the day. We go to play group every week, and I've gone shopping a lot with my friends. There's a lot to do here, and I'm really lucky to have good friends who know their way around, and speak chinese. I also let my friend Chiu-yi talk me into going to get acupuncture with her a few times. yes, it hurts. I don't care how little those needles are, some of those babies really hurt! And I'm still running at 5am every morning, except I've slept in a lot the last few weeks because Evan has had some days off of school. I was going to run the Toroco Gorge half marathon, and I was halfway through my training schedule when my friend and I went to register for it, only to find out it had filled up the day before, so we didn't get in. Oh well, now we are talking about going to China to run a race on the Great Wall.


Karla said...

Amazing bike ride! Does he actually stay on the bike on the way up? You need to have him get a picture of those spiders!

Romero's Arrows... said...

Leone!!!! I am laughing sooo hard!!! Brushing her teeth on the floor!! How terrible!!! She must have been soooo sick!!! :-(((( I am impressed that your son can hold a cookie that long. Have you seen me eat cookies? I MAKE SURE it is gone so that I can ENSURE I get another one way, way, way fast. I will teach him this trick when I see you next year... :) xoxoxoxoxoxooooooxxxxx and extra xxxxxxx's for Evan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from SARIAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! oxoxoxoxoxo!! Love, Liza ;-)

Kristen said...

How fun for your husband to get to hear the entire "testimony". You are so cute and just as busy as ever. I love that you make friends wherever you go. Reading this has made this friend miss you though!!

Stephanie B said...

YW President? Good luck. I loved the update. I can't believe you are near the Great Wall. It still astounds me to think you are clear across the world.

Paula said...

Wow---that is one steep bicycle ride. I've had accupuncture and I've had a lot of luck with it helping me! It does hurt at 1st tho.

Japanski said...

I just love that you are always surrounded by friends, Leone! I don't love the idea of going on Nate's bike ride, neither up nor down. I don't love that Ashton is getting so big and I'm missing it. I love reading your blog. And I don't love missing you!!! But I love.....wait for it....YOU!!