Saturday, October 18, 2008

Danshui on double-ten day

Oct. 10th (or double-ten day) is Taiwan's national independence day, so we took a trip with some friends to Danshui, which is the northern port city of Taiwan. Since it was a national holiday, everyone else had the day off as well, and it seemed they also decided to go to Danshui. It was very crowded, and poured rain most of the day, but we had all kinds of fun with our friends, and even found a fabulous mexican restaraunt (a dream come true!)

Evan got to ride on a scooter with Josh Lee, Nathan's old mission companion, who now lives in Danshui. Riding a scooter in Taiwan is taking your life into your hands (or in this case, putting your son's life into Josh's hands) and it's a good thing they only went a few blocks. I now have a few more gray hairs!

We went with our friends James and Lydia and thier son Mason. We took a ferry ride and the kids loved it.


Karla said...

Love the pink and green shirts!

Stephanie B said...

Lauren asks every few nights to look at pictures of Evan. This post was a treat. What a great adventure you guys are having!!

Paula said...

I have to show this picture to Brionna---------she wants to be a super hero sooooooooooo bad! She'll be delighted to know that she has a cousin who is a super hero! (I guess they're 2nd cousins, aren't they???)