Friday, January 20, 2012

The family that hunts together...

 In December we all took a trip to Southern Utah with Nate to hunt a deer. He promised me it would be quick, and he didn't disappoint. We pulled up to the mountain, Nate got out to put the chains on the truck, I started getting bored already, and he looked up and saw deer...everywhere! So we unloaded the boys, he shot a deer, and we were done! Almost as quick as a trip to the grocery store, but you can't get this free-range organic meat at the grocery store! Evan got a great first lesson on how to gut an animal while Ashton and I dry-heaved a few yards away. (Some day I hope to have girls so I can drag Nate to some fancy tea parties!)

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Karla said...

You are so awesome to go hunting with your hubby. I think Jed had dreams of that when we were dating but those dreams just never came true for him.