Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The first week of November we skipped out on the first snow of the season and headed to sunny California with Leone's sister and our families to visit the happiest place on earth. No kidding, it really is!

We went to Goofy's Kitchen for breakfast with some disney characters
The Yoda Gang

The storm troopers patrolling Tomorrowland chased Evan around trying to arrest his Yoda backpack

Since I don't have any little princesses of my own, I got to live vicariously through my sister when we took my niece to The Bibbity Bobbity Boutique to get the royal princess treatment, complete with pixie dust and magical mirrors. It was so much fun!
Ashton was so excited to see Tigger, he kept yelling "TIGGER!!" and waving the whole time we stood in line.

JEDI TRAINING: the highlight of the whole trip for my boys! Evan got to battle with Darth Mal and Ashton fought Darth Vader. They are now certified Jedi Padowans (whatever that means)

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