Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goat Hunt 2010

This year, Nate drew out for a once-in-a-lifetime goat hunt on Willard Peak by our house. He took me and the kids there a few weeks ago to scout out the goats, which were everywhere, and the hike wasn't too bad, so I decided to go along hoping to get some good goat photos. Nate's friend Mat and his brother Andy also came along.

It was so rainy and foggy we couldn't see much, and some us us are not equipped for outdoor activities (me) so I was sloshing around in soaking wet sneakers and drenched Levis the entire time. But as long as we were hiking I stayed warm at least. And Nate gave me his army poncho so at least my upper half was dry. After a few hours I was wondering why I ever agreed to go along because I hate being cold and wet and falling down hills and rocks. Twice we had to sit under trees waiting for the rain to let up. But then just as we were about to head back to the truck, we found some goats.

This one posed for me so perfectly, but it was so foggy I was afraid none of the pictures would turn out. If it was clear, you could have seen the view of the whole valley off to the right. But I think the fog looks kinda cool too.

As I was taking pictures, Nate was getting ready to shoot. I was standing behind him when he shot, and it was so loud, I felt it hammer my chest. I couldn't tell which one he shot at first.

The second after he shot, the fog started to lift and I could have gotten some great pictures, except that all the goats were gone. This would be a good picture if the goat wasn't bleeding all over the place out her nose.

The saddest thing was when these 3 little baby goats hung around crying for their mom. I had thought about this already, and I thought I was prepared for one baby to be orphaned, but 3?!? And just look at the sad looks on their little goat faces! I almost cried, but I knew Andy would make fun of me, so I held it in.

Proof that I was there! The goat looks so much smaller than she did up on the cliffs!

Nate carried his goat all the way down the mountain, climbing down rocky cliffs and over trees. If I had known he could do that, I would have made him carry me up!


The Hedquists said...

It's fun to see you online again, although the subject matter is a little gruesome :) Your husband is lucky to have such a supportive wife! I won't judge if you cry. Happy Fall!

jg said...

Wow Nate's really strong! Why is Andy the funniest picture taker ever?

Karla said...

The goats look so white and fluffy! Is that just a trick of the fog? You did get some great shots and I can't wait to show Jed the pictures - he will be very excited for Nate.

Becky Rasmussen said...

Leone, I'm so proud of you for tagging along.

tydetmer said...

Nathan Grimley! I just stumbled upon this through a Josh Lee comment on a photo on your wife's Facebook page. Well, congratulations on a beautiful family--it looks like you guys have a lot of fun. We moved back to Maryland about a year ago after spending the past 4 years in Beijing. We miss it a lot, but are happy to be building our family (5 kids from 8 on down) here in America.

Just thought I'd drop you a line when I saw your pictures. Good memories you and the guys of the old Central Taipei Zone, or whatever it was called.

Take care,

Logan Wilcox