Sunday, February 1, 2009


Over New Year's break, we drove to the southern tip of the island with our friends, the Parks. We got to Kunting and relaxed on the beach, shopped at the local night market, relaxed on the beach, visited the aquarium, relaxed on the beach, went to the lighthouse at the very southern tip of Taiwan, and relaxed on the beach some more!

This is the very southern tip of Taiwan

Yes, that's a baby octopus he's biting the head off of.

Evan got picked to get a picture taken with the beluga whale, but he was freaked out about it touching him, so he pulled his head up every time it tried to kiss him. You can see the poor whale trying to come farther and farther out of the water to reach him.


Stephanie B said...

That video was awesome. That beach looked so nice.

The Edwards said...

Looks awesome there! Nate--what a great fro!

Karla said...

I wish I could relax on that beach - it looks gorgeous! Your pictures turned out great. Do have a lot of humidity there? (Nate seems to have much poofier/wild hair then I remember.)

Becky Rasmussen said...

I can't tell you how jealous I am right now. Covet! Covet! Covet. What I wouldn't give for some warm beach time this week.