Monday, December 29, 2008

"I saw a wiggle behind the shampoo!"

The other night Evan went in to take a shower, and he came running out yelling "Cockroach! Cockroach! Mom, there's a cockroach in the bathtub!" He said as he was getting in, he saw 'a wiggle' behind the shampoo bottle. Now this is only the second one I've seen in our apartment, and I was really amazed and grossed out at the size of the thing, so I grabbed my camera just to prove to you how big they are. It is kind of hard to tell just how big it is from the picture, and neither one of the kids would get in the picture with it, so you'll just have to trust me. The worst part was that Nate wasn't home, so it was up to me to do the dirty work! That's right, I had to grit my teeth downstairs to get the security guard to come up and kill the cockroach! Even though he was laughing, I could tell he felt quite chivalrous, he kept saying "Do not worry! Do not worry!" as all 3 of us did the cootie dance while he squished it in a tissue. Everyone says "If there's one, there are always more." and I know this; the thing you have to understand is that this is Taiwan--cockroach capital of the world! They are EVERYWHERE! You see them hanging out on the streets! I know they are there, I just don't want to see them!

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Karla said...

Very funny! I like how you gritted your teeth . . . to go and get help!