Saturday, November 15, 2008

Joke of the year

Last week, Evan's class took a field trip to the fire station. They have a museum there with all kinds of pictures, including this one of the Grand Hotel on fire back in 1995. Well, I just couldn't resist! I took a picture of the picture, and went home and showed it to Nate, and told him that I took the picture out of the bus window, and that the Grand Hotel had really been on fire. At first, I didn't really expect him to believe me, since you can clearly see fluorescent lighting glare on the picture, not to mention the label on the bottom of the picture. But I must say in his defense that he was only looking at the tiny screen on the camera. I was also afraid that he would put 2 and 2 together, with the field trip being to the FIRE STATION, and all. But no, for 2 days he went around asking everyone if they had heard about the fire, and since no one had heard about it, and he couldn't find anything about it on the news or online, he started thinking maybe it was all a big 'cover-up' or something. He finally figured it out when we had the missionaries over for dinner. He told them about it, and when he showed them the picture, they pointed out all the flaws I mentioned above....He was pretty embarrassed, and who can blame him?.....But he is speaking to me again finally.



I could never make a joke last that long! I just can't help but laugh or smile--- too funny.

Sashbury said...

Oh I love you!!! And what's worse is I could totally see Pat falling for that!! LOL

Karla said...

Poor Nate. :)
I told Jed about this joke and he said, "That's funny because she doesn't seem like to type to joke at all."
Jed tries to pull stuff over on me all the time, so I can relate a little to how Nate must have felt.
Has he gotten you back yet?

JLR said...

That's a great idea for April Fool's Day! Thanks for all of your comments on my blog too =).

Kristen said...

That is so dang funny!! I am laughing as I picture his face when he realized it wasn't true. Good thing he has a good sense of humor oh and that he is stuck with you forever so he has to forgive you! ;0)