Monday, August 18, 2008


This is a squatter. Most public places like malls and department stores have regular toilets, but a lot of places just have this. This one is in one of the night markets...and it is bring your own t.p.

And this is the alleyway you go down to get to the squatter. It might look dark and dangerous by American standards, and it is definitely gross by any standards, but it is just another alleyway in Taiwan.



you are so brave


Kristen said...

I hate public bathrooms anyway, I am afraid I would never leave my house because those potties are very very scary looking!!!

Stephanie B said...

That sends shivers down my spine!

Beegrizzle said...

I hope you guys aren't flushing toilet paper down those squatters. You're supposed to place used toilet paper in the trash can!

The Edwards said...

What an adventure!!